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Mechanical Table Press Machine

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Mechanical Table Press Machine



Mechanical Table Press Machine
1. General introduction of mechanical type shisha tablet press machine 

The mechanical type shisha tablet press machine, is widely used in the production of tablets from different kinds of materials in powder form. It is mainly used to produce shisha charcoal tablets. The final produced tablets are with adjustable diameter and size, what's more, the final density and thickness can also be adjusted according to clients' different requirements, thus our machine can meet your needs to the biggest extent.
Raw materials: can be coal, charcoal powder, dust, biomass powder like wood sawdust, rice husks and other materials in powder form.
Shape and size: The tablets produced can have different shapes like round, square, cuboids, ring shape, rhomboid, triangular, cylinder, cone, convex, concave and other shapes. If you want to get different shape final products, you just need to change the shaping molds. 30-40mm diameter tablets are the most popular in the market!
2. Technical data of our mechanical type shisha tablet press machine 

 Model: FY-01
Power: 7.5kw
Capacity: 12 pcs/time, 35~38 times/min
Tablet briquette diameter: 20~30mm
Shape of final briquette: Square or round 
Weight: 1.6 Ton
Main machine size: 1.5*1.2*1.7m
3. Main features of our mechanical type shisha tablet press machine 

a. The machine is with high capacity and with low consumption, very energy-saving;
b. It is easy to change the shaping molds to meet the different needs of final products.
c. Specially designed auxiliary equipment can realize the automatically feeding.
d. Humanity design makes the machine easy to operate, and the maintenance is also very convenient;
4. Final tablets show of our mechanical type shisha tablet press machine 

As mentioned above, the final tablets produced can have different shapes and size, clients can also some designs on the side of tablets, then we can produce them according to your needs. Please check the following tablets show.
6. Other recommendation of coal charcoal briquette making machine
We do also have other kinds of machines used to make coal charcoal briquettes: coal/charcoal stick briquette machine and coal/charcoal balls briquette machine. The final briquettes produced by these machines are both widely used in many industries as fuel for heating and burning. Please check the following, maybe you'll have interests!

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