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Band Dryer

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Band dryer is a drying machine that uses steel net as the transportation belt to convey materials and it can conduct batch and continuous production, so that it is ideal for assembly line production. Since the transportation belt is net shaped, it is suitable for drying inerratic and irregular bulk materials in metallurgy, building material, ceramics, fertilizer, chemistry, food and medicine.

This machine can be used not only independently, but together with other machines. The main heating methods of the machine include electrical heating, steam heating and hot wind heating. Since the dryer machine is obliquely installed, the materials flow to the lower end of the machine under the gravity and the rotation of the machine, and on the other hand, the materials are repeatedly lifted by the lifting board to the higher end and then spread down constantly, so that the materials will form a even curtain inside the cylinder and conduct heat exchange with the hot air inside the cylinder. Since the materials constantly spread and the water contained in them will be dried, thus achieving the aim of drying.

Technical data

Model DW-1.8*8 DW-1.8*12 DW-1.8*16 DW-1.8*20 DW-1.8*24 DW-1.8*28
NUmber of elements 2 3 4 5 6 7
Belt width(m) 1800
Length of drying segment (m) 8 12 16 20 24 28
Thickness of spreading(mm) 10-100
Operating temperature(℃) 50-180
Heat transfer area Three layers 43.6 64.8 86.4 108 129.6 151.2
Five layers 72 108 144 180 216 252
Drying time(h) 0.2-1.2 0.25-1.5 0.2-1.2 0.25-1.5 0.2-1.2 0.2-1.5
Evaporation intensity 6-20Kg/ m².h
NUmber of fans 1 1 1 1 2 2
Fan type 6.3C 8C 10C 10C 8C 10C
Total power of fans(kw) 11 11 22 37 22*2 37*2

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