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Hollow Coal Rods Machine

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Hollow Coal Rods Machine

Hollow Coal Rods Machine


Hollow Coal Rods Machine
1.     Product introduction:
Hollow coal rods machine, can also be called coal rod machine. It uses the principle of screw extrusion, modulated the cheap coal compressed into a certain strength of the cylindrical or plum shape coal rods, used to replace the expensive coal. It can make full use of cheap coal, reduce fuel costs.
2.     Working principle:
Hollow coal rods machine is the machine with variable pitch impeller, the rear of the cylinder to push forward the coal, coal in the bucket after compression, through the front of the circular whole extrusion, forming a coal rod, the shape of a round hole, a variety of coal rod shape. Coal rods in the course of advancing by gravity and natural fracture.
3.     Technological advantage:
1.       The Hardened reducer, small volume, high bear’s capacity.
2.       The impeller adopts thickening blade design; impeller and cylinder liner plate adopts wear-resisting casting material, the service life of 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary steel.
3.       Head coal rod exports can be replaced by the replacement of wear-resistant alloy steel production, easy to replace.
4.       The machine head and the tube body adopt the form of a cutter, which can be opened, and the replacement of the impeller and the cylinder liner is convenient.
4. Technical parameters:
Model Throughput Molding
Spindle speed
Helical blade number
Electric machinery
Reducer Bearing
TF140 1-2t/h ф20-40 46-60 4 11kw、15kw ZQ350 75112112101305
TF180 2-3t/h ф20-60 39-60 4 18.5kw22kw ZQ400 75112112101305
TF300 3-5t/h ф20-80 35-60 4 37kw、45kw ZQ650-750 323203203191207


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