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Coal rods briquette machine

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Coal rods briquette machine


Coal rods briquette machine







1.     Product introduction:
It’s the name of the coal-rod forming machine: Coal rod machine, coal-rod machine, hollow coal rod machine is the principle of screw extrusion, which will be modulated by the coal powder with certain strength.
2.     Working principle:
The rotation of the impeller from the feeding port with coal, coal and coal will move forward, gradually compressed, and produce particles, close together, stirring and mixing is relatively large. At this time, the coal particles, particles and the blade and the cylinder produce strong friction and shear, and at the same time in the role of heat, the coal temperature rise, water and binder more uniform, the plastic is also greatly increased, and then through the control of mold cone shape, coal grain compression between the more closely, and then press into the flat parts of the mold, out of coal rod machine and molding.
Coal rod machine adopts Hardened reducer, small volume, and high bearing capacity. Coal rod extrusion machine inside the impeller adopts thickening blade design, impeller and cylinder body is lined with wear resistant casting material and, life than ordinary steel improve 4-5 times. The head of the coal rod machine export with replaceable wear resistant alloy steel production, the replacement is convenient. Head and cylinder in the form of hinge, maintenance can be opened; replacement within the impeller and cylinder liner is very convenient.
3.     Installation and commissioning:
1. Before the installation of spare parts must be thoroughly cleaned, removal of transport or storage for a long time to appear rust, and check parts is not damaged.
2. According to the basic map on the basis of concrete pouring, and concrete screw, after the solidification of the coal rod machine dipping in concrete based on screw alignment, two concrete grouting, anchor bolts to be solidified, correct the machine level, the machine can be stable test machine. Before the test machine will be the lubrication of lubrication, oil content is moderate. Check all the bolts if there is a loose phenomenon, and tighten. Point to move the machine to see if there is a foreign body or abnormal sound. All confirmed that no party can start running. And check the power direction is correct. The machine idle for 3~5 minutes, then all the normal feeding trial, new machine feeding should be uniform, moderate (wet and dry water generally contain 12%~15%).
   Product usage:
Coal rod forming machine is a new product of the company after many years of research. Coal rod extrusion machine is a main equipment
of the fuel gas system in the shaping process of gas making ammonia fertilizer plant, factory equipment, it is squeezing fuel pulverized coal
into the city of Gongyi Fu Yu Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional production of rod making machine, coal rod machine, coal rod machine,
drying machine equipment production enterprise, our official website: http://www.ball-press-machine.com

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