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Mineral Powder Briquette Machine

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Mineral Powder Briquette Machine


Mineral Powder Briquette Machine 
Mineral powder briquette machine can put the materials into machine directly after shatter, without water. Such as : aluminum powder, activated alumina, lime, the aim is to reduce dust, control capacity, improve recycling, increase the performance of transport. mineral powder pressure ball machine which furnace smelting directly, increase the added value.mainly used for Nonferrous metal mineral and Black metal powder, All the metallurgical industry, waste, accessories need on the stove be made by the ball machine. For example: dust, mud pool, oxide skin, slag, iron powder, aluminum powder, silicon manganese ore, etc.those Mainly used for -- ball making non-ferrous and ferrous metal powder made fast, put these materials into the furnace smelting directly, increase the added value.
It mainly press all kinds of iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide, slag, refractories, etc. All the materials which are in powder type need to fuel refining are need this mineral briquette machine. High pressure, high strength mineral powder needs the mineral briquette machine, every wastes of the metallurgical industry, accessories which needs on the stove, all need the mineral briquette machine. Such as: dust ash removal, mud pool, oxide skin, slag, iron powder, aluminum powder, silicon manganese ore, etc.
Operation Principle of Mineral Powder Briquette Machine
Mineral powder briquette machine powered by the electromagnetic motor speed. through the belt pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, to the drive shaft by pin coupling. The driving shaft and the driven shaft be ensured synchronous operation through a gear .there is a hydraulic device behind the Passive bearing seat. Screw feeding driven by electromagnetic motor speed control. Put the material into feeding port through the belt wheel and the worm reducer. Cause the constant of the electromagnetic motor seed control until the weight of the screw feeder is equal to the needed weight, then the constant feeder pressure make the ball with stable quality. but If the feeding quantity is too high will lead to the electrical of the feeder machine overload. And also, it’s not enough to make a ball if the feeding quantity is too small. So Proficiency in operation skills is an important condition to guarantee the normal work of the pressure ball machine.


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