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Iron Powder Briquette Machine

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Iron Powder Briquette Machine

Iron Powder Briquette Machine


Iron Powder Briquette Machine
Structure of Iron Powder Briquette Machine
Feeder system--- achieved dosing feeder to ensure the iron powder feed evenly.
Matching motor--- fine iron powder briquette machine the constant of the electromagnetic motor seed control until the weight of the feeder is equal to the needed weight, then the constant feeder pressure make the ball with stable quality.
Transmit system--- electromotor-triangle belt-reducer-exposed gear-roller.
Hydraulic protection equipment- iron powder briquette machine has hydraulic protection equipment. When the iron powder briquette machine is working, the hydraulic pump shot the high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder, cause the piston start axial movement. Former head of the piston rod against to the bearing housing to meet production pressure requirements.
Working Requirement of Iron Powder Briquette Machine
1. Iron powder particle size should between 90-260mesh.
2. No any high hardness impurities in the iron powder. Otherwise it will damage the surface of the roller skin.
3. Iron powder materials feeding must be evenly, in time, it is better to use the adjusting screw feeder.
4. Watch the back feed volume of the iron powder briquette machine, adjusting the feed volume of the new materials.
Iron Powder Briquette Machine
Iron powder briquette machine can press coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminite powder, scrap iron, oxide-scale, carbon powder, charcoal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, Kaolin, activated carbon, dust coke and all kinds of powder, powder materials, waste materials, offscum scrap. Widely used in refractory, power plant, metallurgy, chemical plant, energy resource, transportation, heat supply, etc. The products which after pressed by the iron powder briquette machine are energy saving, environmental protection, convenient transportation, improve the waste using rate, has good economic benefit and social benefit.


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