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The application of pre - pressing s...

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The application of pre - pressing spiral device in dry powder ball press machine
The application of pre - pressing spiral device in dry powder ball press machine

Dry powder ball press machine without preload device, by the weight of the material through the roll into the ball, the general line pressure to 30D-800Kg / cm (equivalent to the unit and the plot of pressure> 500Kg / cm2) to meet the general coal, . This series of features: simple structure, the drive system is fully enclosed reducer, the ball between the two rollers to implement two-way adjustment (refers to the axial, radial) N skin for the combined structure of the roller, easy to replace and repair, The system implements overload protection. Compared with other similar ball press products, strong ball press machine has a ball into the ball high, low power consumption, compact and easy to repair and debugging obvious advantages, can not add water for the material forming process is an ideal key equipment.
In order to meet the requirements of material forming, the pre-pressing screw adopts electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, the speed control mode is manual control, the user can change the speed of the sub-compressor according to the ball into the ball to achieve the highest ball forming rate And the largest production capacity, to suppress the material by the screening machine, sieve qualified pellet packaging, screening materials can be returned to the warehouse with the new material mixing and then pressure group.

The first problem with dry powder ball handling is that the viscosity between dry powders is not enough to hold them together to form a specific shape. So the need to increase the viscosity between the materials, that is, the density between the materials.
1) A common solution is to increase the viscosity between the materials by means of an admixture, which is what we normally call a binder. However, a wide range of adhesive, the choice should be treated with caution. Adhesive production is based on the characteristics of a particular material to the special, it is best to find a formal development unit to do the next test, so as to ensure the results.
2) Another method is to change the chemical physical state of the material, that is, to change the density of the material between the molecules, which is more conducive to the level of bonding between the materials. Because a repression of the material is difficult to change the molecular structure, so we generally conservative situation, is the use of two pressurized way to suppress the material twice, so the formation of the material is still relatively appropriate.
Also note that the dry powder particle size, size and hardness of the nature of the different requirements of its equipment configuration is also different, large or large particles of material need to be crushed into the ball press machine equipment to suppress; dry powder moisture content Too high to consider the use of drying equipment for drying, in the suppression, dry powder moisture content is too large to be difficult to shape, moisture content is too low if too dry is difficult to suppress, so according to the actual situation to decide; In the molding process need to use ball press machine equipment to suppress, through the motor to produce a certain squeezing force, intensity, extrusion of spherical, into the ball probability is different, according to the specific circumstances.
Dry powder ball press machine production materials need to quantify the work, pre-pressure device to ensure stability in the material, and then by the pre-pressure device pre-press the screw to force the material into the middle of the pre-compression of the material and transport the two pairs The curved notches of the rollers, the two pairs of roller surface distribution of the same shape of the club. After the meshing drive, so that the two pairs of roller is the same speed, reverse rotation, the material will be sent to the slot bite into the tank and forced compression, with the roller to continue to rotate, in its elastic and gravity off the ball, With the continuous rotation of the roller for periodic rotation of the press molding campaign, to achieve mass production.

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